I found this on /.

  • APL ~= Car built out of Legos. Fully operational. No one knows how it works. Or why.
  • ASM ~= Suzuki Hayabusa: Ready, aim, goodbye
  • C ~= Ferrari – drive it wrong and you'll be wrapped round a tree before you know it
  • C++ ~= Pickup truck w/extended cab, dually axles, 4wd
  • COBOL ~= Loaner. No one would buy one, after all
  • Fortran ~= 1980's generic sedan. Speedo only goes to 80. But it has a lot of controls and gauges
  • Haskell ~= Kit car. Not assembled. No directions. Not street legal.
  • Java ~= VW bug complete w/flower stickers, rabid activists, and parking permit for trendy coffee shop
  • Lisp ~= Mexican hopping car – scares the hell out of anyone who encounters it
  • Pascal ~= Delorean DMC-12. Beautifully conceived; decently built; underpowered.
  • Perl ~= Heavily modified Sachsenring Trabant P50 w/snow tires and chains. Only the owner can drive it, but it'll go anywhere. And then break down. Only the owner can fix it. But he can fix anything that happens.
  • Python ~= Corvette w/luxury options, hatch full of cool accessories.
  • Rexx ~= Modular 4-cylinder engine; plugs into anything. Every time you do, though, you need a new manual
  • Ruby ~= Camaro – trying like hell to be a Corvette, still not stable or fast enough
  • SQL ~= Coke truck – it'll carry anything, as long as it fits in a coke sized slot
  • VB ~= Poorly designed bicycle with two flat tires and no pump.
  • VHDL ~= Huge box of legos. Only you can make it run. But you can make anything.

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