#iwexpo Zingzam: Collate, enhance, and share knowledge

The online community platform Zingzam was launched yesterday at Internet World in London's Earl's Court exhibition centre.  


Come and see a demonstration and sign up for a 30 day — credit card free trial.  You can find Zingzam at E8150, just follow the pink.


I haver been a beta user of Zingzam for some time and the product offers a wide range of features.  From it's ability to brand your site in your own (garish) colours and logo with a few clicks of the mouse to the dashboard.   A major feature of the platform to see the current activity and health of your community.


Having RSS feeds of the content it is straight forward to user services such as twitterfeed or FeedBurner to syndicate content.


I look forward to using more of the features and continue to support the Zingzam community.